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General Pot Description/Introduction

General Pot Description/Introduction

Our pots are the highest quality lightweight concrete planters manufactured in Asia and are suitable for any weather conditions. We ensure our planters can withstand low temperatures, direct sunlight and very wet conditions. Our first range of pots will be what we feel are the top sellers in the industry and will showcase what our company is about. In the future we plan to have different ranges and varieties of pots, which will be unlike others you can find on the market. The materials and colours we plan to use will elevate your garden as well as improve the experience of moving the pot and planting your desired plant. Through constant innovation we guarantee light weight pots, which give an impression that they are very heavy duty giving a bold look to your garden, but in reality, are very light and easy to manoeuvre.

Picking the right pot for your garden/Tips

Picking the right pot for you garden is very important to us. From our end we’ll try and provide the best quality pictures and information regarding the pot so you’re able to visualise and understand where your pot will fit and how it’s going to look once it arrives in your garden. Firstly, always choose a planter slightly larger than the size of the root system. This will ensure that the plant as a healthy environment and enough space to grow. Ensure that the colour of the plant compliments the colour of the pot and vice versa. As we grow, we’ll do our best to stock as many colours of pots as possible so every plant is catered for. Keep in mind our pots have drainage holes, so certain plants will be better suited in different pot and locations (front of the house or in your actual garden on the grass).

Plant care

Here are a few steps you can take to ensure your plants have a long and healthy life in our pots.
Watering, Feeding, Pruning, Deadheading, Clipping and Trimming are the six most important things you should consider when taking care of a plant. Ensuring they have the correct amount go water and the needed fertiliser are probably the two most important things to allow your plant to grow and live a healthy life. Maintaining it by pruning and deadheading will allow for it to live a healthy life and look the part in your garden. Clipping and trimming will not only give the plant a great look but also the needed size and space for it to live a long life.

Planting Instructions

  • Cover the holes with mesh or broken pot crocks, to make sure that the soil cannot clog up holes. This will also mean using less soil or compost. We also recommend if you’d like to use a bigger pot for a small plant, putting in used up plastic bottles to use up the space.
  • Make sure you raise the planters off the ground on feet to ensure for the draining of the water.
  • Fill the bottom third of the planter with Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate to improve drainage.
  • Filling the rest of the pot with a soil-based compost or any other compost you have and then the actual plant
  • Once everything above is done we advise you don’t move the pot as the extra weight might damage the pot as well as being a safety risk for yourself.

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If you need advice or a helping hand, we promise to always offer our services for anything you may need. We guarantee that our pots are made from 100% recycled materials and are protected against any colour fading. We offer a one-year warranty in case the colour does fade, but we are confident this won’t be the case.