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About Us

Coming from families where gardening has always been a past time or a weekend activity, we understand the attention to detail and care people put in to making their gardens look exquisitely artistic and wonderfully welcoming. With that in mind, as well as conducting a lot of research into garden decoration, we came up with Pot World. Pot World is a place where sourcing high quality planters, pots or any garden decoration is at the forefront of our mission. We will provide you with the best quality garden pots that will make you proud of your garden as your friends, family and guests admire it!

Through constant innovation and research, we guarantee you the best quality garden pots on the market. Our pots can handle the blazing summer heat, the pounding rain, and the coldest frost. Whatever the season, whatever the weather, our pots will not let you down. Our pots have a functional design, have a contemporary cement construction and are very light and easily portable.

Pot World is committed to providing you with the latest, finest and market leading pots out there, every single time. We understand that pots don’t only need to look nice, but be functional and accommodate to every plant out there, ensuring that your plants can thrive beautifully in the best pot.

Our mission is to help you provide you with pots that are guaranteed to have best price and quality on the market. We personally inspect every single pot that is delivered from us to you, making sure that the pots are perfect and faultless. Once you receive the pot, you will be provided with a simple guide on how to plant you plant in our pot.

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If you need help with anything regarding our products and helping you make a decision, don’t
be afraid to email info@potworld.co.uk or call us on 0333 577 6162.


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We are constantly working on improving the quality of our pots as well as finding new styles, designs and looks. This makes our business a constantly evolving one, striving to always offer customers the highest quality products.

Pot World Promise

If you need advice or a helping hand, we promise to always offer our services for anything you may need. We guarantee that our pots are made from 100% recycled materials and are protected against any colour fading. We offer a one-year warranty in case the colour does fade, but we are confident this won’t be the case.